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Privacy Policy

Information Gathering

1. Happy Feet Home Foundation may gather user data in various contexts, such as:

    • Contributions made
    • Participation in campaigns
    • Subscription for updates

2. During donation transactions, benefactors are requested to share some personal details to validate genuine contributions. This may include:

    • Full name
    • Email and physical addresses
    • Contact number
    • Payment processing information
    • Additional necessary data

3. Unless volunteered by the user, Happy Feet Home Foundation does not collect or store personal information.

Use of Personal Information

1. General website navigation at Happy Feet Home Foundation remains anonymous, recording only usage statistics like the time, date, location of access, and internet service provider details. This data is used solely for statistical analysis and website performance optimization.

2. Usage of specific Happy Feet Home Foundation services entails explicit user authorization to collect relevant information. This information helps enhance user experience and is employed according to the provided user instructions.

3. User information is held confidentially and securely, with access granted only to internal and/or authorized personnel. It is never disseminated to external entities or third-party individuals.

4. Happy Feet Home Foundation uses provided information for purposes including, but not limited to:

    • Maintaining a comprehensive record of donations
    • Informing users about organizational updates and developments via bulletins and newsletters, with an opt-out choice
    • Ensuring users receive relevant and appropriate information
    • Gaining insights about visitors, donors, and campaign participants

5. Happy Feet Home Foundation does not typically retain user data. However, upon specific user request, such data can be securely stored. Users can request data deletion by sending an email. All data will be promptly erased within two working days of the request.

Privacy of e-mail lists

Subscribers to Happy Feet Home Foundation’s mailing lists are added to its email database. We pledge not to sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease the addresses on our list to any third parties.

Cookie Policy

1. Cookies are digital data packets sent by Happy Feet Home Foundation during a website visit. They reside on the user’s hard disk and facilitate user recognition during subsequent visits.

2. Users can adjust their browser settings to manage cookie preferences, such as accepting all cookies, rejecting them, or receiving notifications when cookies are sent.

3. Disabling, removing, or rejecting cookies may affect the full functionality of the website.

Payment Gateway

1. Happy Feet Home Foundation employs trusted and proven technology for payment transactions. Payment information is transferred securely using SSL encryption, offering the highest degree of security supported by the donor’s browser.

2. Multiple security layers, including advanced firewall systems, encryption of credit card numbers, and password protection, safeguard the collected information.

External Web Services

1. Happy Feet Home Foundation uses various external services to enhance content display, such as video hosting through YouTube. Just as with social media buttons, we cannot prevent these sites from gathering user data regarding content consumption on our website.

2. The Happy Feet Home Foundation website provides links to other websites for user convenience. This Privacy Policy does not cover these external websites.

3. Happy Feet Home Foundation cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from data collection, use, and retention by these external websites. Users are advised to review the privacy policies of all websites they visit.

Changes to Privacy Policy

1. Happy Feet Home Foundation may modify its privacy policy as technology and trends evolve. Users will be timely notified of these changes. For queries regarding any changes, users may contact Happy Feet Home Foundation.

2. Any queries regarding our privacy policy can be sent to us at:

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our refund and cancellation policy for donations received for social causes via payment gateway is as follows:

  • Refunds or cancellations of donations will not be entertained.
  • Cash refunds or money returns will not be provided.
  • Once received, donations for a cause cannot be refunded or cancelled. Donations will be used for community development, children’s education, or community welfare.