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We Bring Real Change

Our Vision

To create a world where every child who needs palliative care gets the nurture, nourishment and support to lead a happy and empowered life.

Our Mission

6765 - Gender Equality

To change the perception about supporting children with life-limiting illnesses as more than just a ‘lost cause’.

6781 - Meaning

To grow the infrastructure and support for children and young adults with life-threatening diseases

6763 - Family

To provide healthcare facilities to children and their families and help them get an opportunity to live healthy lives again.

Our Values



We are a small team of counsellors, social workers, nurses and support staff, and we function with all the support that we can get. With the scale of work against resource ratio, we are naturally mindful and respect time, people and material.



We deal with grim realities everyday, which makes us truthful. We’re transparent in our requirements, where do the donations go, and what we aim to achieve at all times. We are also truthful to children and family about their condition, and help them cope with it closely.



Collaboration is the driving force behind any community. And we are a community that wants to drive change across geographies to help children who can’t afford the nurture and nourishment required to cope with their illnesses. We are, because we are together.


Freedom of expression

A lot of therapy that we enable for our children makes it important that they learn the value behind freedom of expression. In a world of indoctrination, we teach our children to find their own voice.


Empathy and Care

Everybody’s situation is different. We rely heavily on empathy to understand what a child or caregiver is going through at any given time to help them to the best possible resolution.

Our Team

Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah

Founder and CEO

Zarna Jain

Zarna Jain

Director – Education & Fundraising

Saloni Sawnani

Saloni Sawnani

Director – Mental Health & Operations

Trustees & Partners

Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah

Founder and CEO

Kannan Aiyer

Kannan Aiyer

Chief People Officer,  Honestly Italian Pvt Ltd

Harish Iyer

Harish Iyer

Head DE&I, Axis bank