Happy Feet Home (HFH) is a palliative care centre for children and young adults in India which was started in August 2014. HFH aims to provide free of cost emotional, psycho-social, educational/vocational and nutritional support to children and young adults with life threatening and life limiting illnesses. At Happy Feet Home, we work in close collaboration with Sion Hospital, with the aim of providing holistic day-care services to children under palliative care. Children coming to Happy Feet Home are either infected with or affected by 'HIV positive', 'Thalassemia major' or 'Cancer'. There is a variety of services we offer to help these children, in the strive to provide them with a better lifestyle.

We strive to provide better quality of life and equal opportunities to these children.
-Vision: One day all children in need of palliative care will receive everything they need to lead happy and empowered lives
-Mission: Mission of Happy Feet Home is to provide palliative care to children in need for them to live happy and empowered lives
-Values: Respect (Time, People and Material), Honesty, Interdependence, Expression and Better quality of life

We work with around 50-55 children on daily basis. We conduct activities in the Sion hospital in the morning with 20-25 children and we have 30-35 children coming to the HFH centre every day. In the initial years, we focussed on happiness, nutrition and psycho-social support. Since the year 2017, we have started new programs at HFH on Education and Vocation courses, now in the year 2020 we will start Happy Feet Home Education Program.