Dear All,
Hope you all are safe and healthy. We wanted to reach out to you to know if you are all doing well and also to update you on the measures we have taken to keep our children safe.
To begin with we have kept the Happy Feet Home centre shut for all the children and staff. The staff is working from home, as needed. However, we have kept around 25 children at the Happy Feet Home center under strict quarantine. These children come from a very low economic background and were at risk due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Most of these children also completely depend on us for their nutritional and medical needs. We consulted the Sion hospital doctors and they also agreed it would be safe if we have the children at the center. We have 3 staff members who are taking care at the center and the children are not allowed to go out and are strictly in quarantine.
Last week , some of the parents of these children expressed their gratitude for keeping the children at center as lot of the children from their communities were taken if seen outside their house. Due to this pandemic, lot of our beneficiaries and their homes are affected and they have approached us for help, hence we have decided to support the families that approach us with money for their groceries and essentials. They dont have food to eat at home as the parents are daily wage earners. We are giving Rs3000/ to each family so that they are safe and healthy. We believe it is a crucial time to support eachother and not leave any stone unturned.
As organizations and companies have asked their workforce to work from home, we have also made changes to the activities at our Home.
We conducted an awareness session for the children about Covid-19 and the precautions that is to be strictly followed as they have immunity deficiencies before the lockdown. The following measures have been put in place until there is further announcement made by the health and government authorities:
• Staff meetings will be held through video conferencing/calls
• All HFH activities have been put on hold as center is shut for children and staff
• We have asked all children to regularly wash their hands and maintain personal hygiene.
• Any child who has flu like symptoms, would be kept in isolation and will be monitored.
• The Happy Feet Home Education Program activities have been temporarily suspended and children are continuing some components like gratitude notes, journal writing and meditation from their homes and center
• We do not go by rumors or fake news and we have instructed all our children to follow the official news.
• Hand sanitizers and masks have been provided to all children and masks will be replenished after each use.
Stay Home, Stay Safe and lets all be together during this time!

Warm Regards, Happy Feet Home Team