Services provided by Happy Feet Home

Counseling – Children are counseled on various problems which include health issues, mental health and other personal problems and complete confidentiality is maintained between the counselor and the child

Expressive Art Therapy (EAT) sessions Arts Therapy Sessions (ABT) are conducted regularly with the children, by a certified art therapist. This also includes reflective art based therapy to make them understand themselves better and accept and face emotions. Apart from counselling and ABT, HFH also conducts Dance therapy sessions every week. Interaction and play sessions with pets are also conducted from time to time.

Respite Care – The day care serves as a safe space for children under palliative care and serves as a respite centre for their parents/caretakers.

Nutritional Support – HFH has continued to provide the children with healthy and nutritional balanced diets which include breakfast, lunch and evening milk with fruits.

Group Engagement Activities – Given the high energy levels of the children, HFH organizes activities using games and arts that not only channelize the energies of the children but also serve to enhance social and academic skills.

Hospice Week – Since May 2015 we decided to give our children a good time during their holidays.  We celebrate last week of May as Hospice week. During this week (5 days), we plan different outings for our children and their caregivers.

Medical Support – HFH conducts routine checks on the health of the children and sponsors the medicines which they cannot afford. Children are counselled on the importance of taking medicines. Apart from their condition medications which are provided by the Sion hospital, HFH takes care of other medicinal expenses.

End of Life Care – HFH is involved in end of life care for a child who is declared palliative or has less chances of survival. HFH provides and supports hospital expenses, medical expenses and any support required for the child’s wellbeing.

Collaboration with different schools for CAS activities – We have collaborations with 3 different schools – John Connon and Cathedral school, American School of Bombay, Garodia International school. As part of this collaboration, the students of these schools teach our children different activities – Ex: Basic Maths, Musical Instrument

Empowerment Sessions – Standing true to our mission of empowering the lives of children in need of palliative care, we conduct regular sessions with our children on life skills management. These sessions are conducted by experts from various fields. Some of the sessions we have conducted in the past are on Sex and Sexuality, Anger, Leadership, Communication, Acceptance, Careers, etc. We believe, life is not lost while we are still living. These sessions have given our children a great sense of confidence and a positive outlook.


Special events on festivals like Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and more, are celebrated at HFH!

We celebrate the Childrens' Birthdays at the center as well!


HFH Center Education Program – We are starting Happy Feet Home Education Program from March 2020. The program is for 10 months and will focus on Creativity, Critical thinking (Problem solving), Communication, Community leadership and Compassion. This program will have children attending class from 10 to 1 at HFH center and visits in the afternoon

Day of the week

Theme of the day

Morning (10AM to 1 PM)

Post Lunch




Mindful Monday

Meditation, Journal writing, Puzzles (critical thinking), Creative thinking and English vocabulary

Group Therapy




Talking Tuesday

Meditation, Journal writing, Puzzles (critical thinking), Creative thinking and Guest speaker / Talks online

Collaboration for CAS activity with different schools




Worldly Wednesday
Meditation, Journal writing, Puzzles (critical thinking), Creative thinking and Geography/ Different countries exploration – about the country, culture, history etc
Collaboration for CAS activity with different schools




Theatre Thursday

Meditation, Journal writing, Puzzles (critical thinking), Creative thinking and English vocabulary

Collaboration for CAS activity with different schools




Fieldtrip Friday

Meditation, Journal writing, Puzzles (critical thinking), Creative thinking and Field trip planning

Field trip – Visits to different organizations and career counselling visits

Please help us with donations so that we can empower the children to lead a happy and empowered life. We have 12A and 80G certificates. Please contact us if there is any more information or details that you require for this proposal.